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Fall Out Boy To 'Make It Up To' Good Things Sydney Fans After Punters Forced To Evacuate Festival

3 December 2023 | 11:46 am | Staff Writer

"We're working hard to figure out how to make it up to you, stay tuned."

Fall Out Boy At Good Things Sydney

Fall Out Boy At Good Things Sydney (Twitter)

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Fall Out Boy have released a statement after their headlining set at Good Things Sydney was cut short due on Saturday (Dec. 3) to a sudden downpour that forced fans to evacuate the event, held in Centennial Park Sydney.

Following Limp Bizkit’s energetic set, punters gathered around the main stage in anticipation of the night’s final headline act, Fall Out Boy.

The show kicked off with a bang, with fans cheering singing along to three and a half of the group’s tracks before the show was abruptly halted.

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“Bear with us for one second. There's a storm coming in,” the band explained as the confused crowd booed. “We're being told we're gonna pause the show for a second. We're hoping to get back real soon.”

“Please be patient, we'll be back.”

However, within moments, an announcer over the PA system urged the crowd to evacuate immediately over fears of an impending hailstorm.

“Hail storm coming with large hailstones and lightning,” the announcer stated. “Could you please orderly evacuate the site. Don't rush and move away from the structures please.”

Soon after, as the 20,000-strong crowd headed towards the single exit gate, a sudden torrential downpour set in, leaving punters soaked as they made their way out of Centennial Park.

Following the unfortunate turn of events, Fall Out Boy posted a statement to social media, promising they would “make it up to” Sydney fans.

“Sydney, we're bummed that last night's @GoodThingsFest set got cut short due to the weather. We're working hard to figure out how to make it up to you, stay tuned. ❤️”

Good Things also released a statement over Instagram, saying: “First and foremost, Good Things Festival (sic) paramount concern is the safety of our patrons.”

“The entire Good Things team pour their heart and soul into the festival and strive to deliver the most incredible experiences.”

“Ultimately the decision was made by the NSW police, state emergency service in conjunction with the festival organisers to evacuate the site this evening.”

They followed up with another post explaining the decision of the cancellation lay with SES, saying, “Superintendent Karen Cook, APM Stated ‘At approximately 8.38pm Police received a severe thunderstorm warning from the SES for the Sydney area, impacting Centennial Park.’”

“Based on that warning, Police advised the event control team about 8.41 pm to implement the severe weather show stop procedure. This was in line with earlier provided patron messaging and observation and monitoring of the weather conditions”.”

While many fans acknowledged the wild weather was beyond the band or festival organisers’ control, others vented their frustration over the amount of money they dished out to see the US rockers in the flesh.

“Gonna be hard to find a way to make it up given how many people had to fly in to see ya! Was an expensive trip for 3 songs even if they sounded so awesome,” one Twitter user replied.

”You are freakin' awesome FOB! We can imagine how psyched you get coming on stage,” another commented, adding, “We all would have happily gotten soaked while watching you guys. But that's out of your control. Count me in for your next Syd performance, I'm always there 🎉! Syd loves ya!”

Despite the last-minute evacuation, the rest of Good Things Sydney went off without a hitch, with punters enjoying the chaotic energy of Fred Durst, who donned a curly grey wig for his performance with Limp Bizkit, playing iconic hits like Rollin’, My Generation, Nookie, My Way, Faith, and even an epic cover of Pantera classic Walk.

Prior acts Devo had the crowd up and dancing with their iconic 1980 track Whip It, while metalcore rockers I Prevail had fans headbanging with pyrotechnic-assisted tracks Gasoline and Hurricane.

Bullet For My Valentine, Corey Taylor, Pennywise and more also drew huge crowds of fans who looked to be taking full advantage of the sunny vibes that went into the late afternoon.

“All in all, Good Things was a great event. Slaughter To Prevail, Make Them Suffer, BFMV, I Prevail and Limp Bizkit were my faves” one fan commented of the event. “Sucks that Fall Out Boy had to be cut short, but we can’t control the weather.”

The Music will keep you updated as further news comes.