Here's What Learnt From Face The Music's 'Going Global' Panel

24 November 2017 | 12:45 pm | Jessica Dale

How to take your music from local radio to the world.

Taking your music or artist out into the big wide world can be a big and daunting task.

Face The Music's Going Global: Novel & Viable Ways Music Is Being Delivered To The World Stage brought together artist L-FRESH The Lion, Bella Union's A&R and project manager Anika Mottershaw, Monster's head of management Jacob Snell, Iceland Airwaves managing director Grimur Atlason, and manager and moderator Ash Sambrooks to talk about exactly what it takes to breakthrough a new market.

Here's our favourite quotes from their panel… 

"Ultimately that team is knowledge of that territory." Jacob Snell on the power of building teams around artists.

"It got to a point where it's important to distance yourself." L-FRESH The LION on why it's important to employ a manager.

"People don’t really walk into a bar at SXSW, and go 'that band's really amazing, we're going to sign them'." — Jacob Snell on making sure you do your groundwork before heading to showcasing events.

"Very little comes out of a spontaneous idea to just go." — JS

"Dundee was in the cinema but I was deeply in love with Australia." — Grimur Atlason on great '90s Australian bands.

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"I think being Australian is a strength." — Jacob Snell.

"I think you have to feel invested in the place." — Anika Mottershaw on finding artists in different countries.

"Those platforms want to work with artists." - Jacob Snell on Spotify and Apple Music

"The kids in those territories are so hungry." — Grimur Atlason on looking at data to crack new markets for your act.

"There's a lot more engagement when it's me telling stories." L-FRESH The LION on the importance of social media.