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EXCLUSIVE: Go Inside The Studio With Born Lion On The Making Of Their New Album

15 September 2017 | 11:33 am | Staff Writer

So. Many. Pictures.

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With their sophomore album, Celebrate The Lie, due out in late October, Born Lion are giving their fans an intimate look inside the studio during the making of the LP. 

The ARIA Award-nominated punk-rock quartet kick off an east tour in their hometown of Sydney tonight, followed by shows in Melbourne and Brisbane by month's end; click on theGuide for more details.

Here's what Born Lion have been getting up to… 


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Waitin' for Jim. Day one!

We tracked the album over two weeks at Ghostnote studios in Adelaide with the one and only Jimmy Balderston. Jim's an absolute master at pulling sounds and tone. He had so much cool gear and it just kept coming over the two weeks. We'd track from 11am through to the early hours every night.

Tone henge MF's!!!

Possibly mixing… possibly rolling doobs.

Holy shit!

There was a focus on capturing everything as live as possible. Something we hadn't done before. Andres had a gruelling few days getting drum takes down in one go. Guitar-wise, it was a matter of going, "OK, let's try this guitar through this amp with these pedals." We were like kids in a candy shop.

Getting vocals down was a battle against time. Jim implemented a strategy of getting John well liquored up on Wild Turkey. This was effective in getting them over the line.

Main weapon of choice… sahhhh pretty.

So many lickable guitars!

Yeah… I can't reach that note.

Fellas go out whilst John hibernates in vocal rest silence :(

We tracked all the way to the bitter end. Tracking all the way til 5am on the final night, until a cab came and escorted four very dusty Born Lions to the airport.

Ryan Hazel mixed and put a heap of love into it. Through a back and forth process we got it down over a couple of months.

Check out the music video for Born Lion's current single, Evil K, below.