Eventopia Dismisses Claims That Soundwave Sales Covered Soulfest Refunds

21 December 2015 | 1:16 pm | Neil Griffiths

The saga continues.

Eventopia and Ticketek have slammed claims made by Soundwave promoter AJ Maddah last night that ticket sales from the event were spent on covering refunds for R&B festival Soulfest which was called off in October.

In a prepared statement given to theMusic today, the ticketing company dismissed the claims as "totally and factually incorrect".

"In AJ's latest tirade he alleges Eventopia channelled box office funds in Soundwave 2016 to other events. This is totally and factually incorrect and a blatant attempt by Maddah to further muddy the waters," the statement reads. 

"Maddah further alleges misrepresentation by Eventopia around ticket sales numbers for Soundwave 2016 and a supposed insurance arrangement. These too, are similarly factually baseless and incorrect."

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In a series of tweets posted last night, Maddah accused the ticketing companies of lying to him.

He wrote, "This raises another question: did you under-report SW ticket sales to cover your tracks?"

"Did you lie to me about having U.S insurance company that guaranteed refunds to fans in event of cancellation?"

Read the full set of tweets below.

Maddah's accusation comes just days after he claimed that the ticketing company would not be refunding tickets to punters, however Eventopia returned fire by saying refunds will be handed out as soon as Maddah transfers proceeds of tickets sales, believed to be around $8-10 million.

Maddah announced on Thursday that not only would the 2016 event not be going ahead, but that Soundwave is officially over

Note in the tweets that Maddah mistakengly refers to Soulfest as Supafest.