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EP PREMIERE: Ben Wright Smith - 'Psychotropical'

31 October 2018 | 3:45 pm | Staff Writer

"A new level of honesty."

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Ben Wright Smith is back on the scene with a brand new EP called Psychotropical. It is the first in a three-part release, culminating in an album due out next year on vinyl and guess what? We've got the exclusive premiere of it right here on today.

Set on a twisting landscape of textural guitar, the EP is the perfect soundtrack for summertime adventures. Speaking about the EP, Wright Smith said, "This stuff I think breaks into a new level of honesty that I don’t think I’ve ever quite been able to grasp in the music I was making."

It's lo-fi, indie-rock at its best folks. Tune in so you can tune out and inhale the Psychotropical magic. 

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Psychotropical is due out for release 9 November.