Endless Boogie Are Coming To WA

5 February 2016 | 5:25 pm | Staff Writer

Fremantle and Perth, what's up.

More Endless Boogie More Endless Boogie

New York's Endless Boogie have added WA to the list of states to get a taste of their blues/boogie/garage/rock/misc hot-pot.

The band will stop in Fremantle and Perth to play a mix of faves from their collection of releases. They have also hand selected a hell of a support line-up for the trip with Datura4 and Huge Magnet joining them in Fremantle and a ridiculous list in Perth including The Murlocs (album launch), Mt Mountain, Hideous Sun Demon, Luke Dux, Old Blood, Silver Hills and plenty more.

For more info check out theGuide and theMusicApp.


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