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Emmure reveal new album 'Hindsight,' drop 'Uncontrollable Descent' single

1 June 2020 | 1:48 pm | Alex Sievers
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'Hindsight' is 2020.

'Hindsight' is 2020.

I'm unsure what's in Emmure's diets or what the metalcore group have been smoking over the last three or so years, but their output has never been better than what Frankie Palmeri, Josh Travis and co. have been dropping since 'Look At Yourself' (2017). All of the dials of their bouncy, deathcore-tinged nu-metalcore sound have been turned well past ten and they've never sounded heavier, hungrier or as aggressive as they currently do. Seventeen years and seven albums down, Emmure sound like there's a fire lit under their collective asses. That remains the case with their confrontational and stand-offish new single, 'Uncontrollable Descent.'

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Unlike the bludgeoning, brain-haemorrhaging heaviness of their last two singles, 'Pigs Ear' and 'Gypsy Disco,' 'Uncontrollable Descent' has some actual hints of melody, with Frankie's half-spoken, half-yelled lines "...back to reality," some distant ambience, and a nice little piano lick that winds the track down. Naturally though, as this Emmure, before the songs fades out with said melodic section, the first half of 'Uncontrollable Descent' is a solid assault of unrelenting drop-tuned riffs, grooves and savaged vocals. Which is all very standard for Emmure, yes, but it's delivered in such a concise way that it carries loads of punch and impact.

As for what this new pointed track is about, Emmure are remaining tight-lipped. As Frankie refuses to just spoon feed listeners the meaning of 'Uncontrollable Descent' and their new album, sharing that:

“I consider it creatively bankrupt to rob people of a chance to experience, dissect and create their own unique ownership of what a song potentially represents to them,” he continues. “I want people to hear the music and take away whatever feeling they want. If an artist is outright telling you why a song or album was written, not only do I personally find it pretentious, but they might as well spoon feed you your meals and pick out your clothes for you, since you’re clearly incapable of thinking for yourself. What makes explaining it even worse than what I already mentioned, is that the message within is literally and figuratively already spelled out for you. So if you can’t figure it out or at the very least surmise your own explanation, then you’re better off just reading a dictionary if you’re too lazy discover the meaning in something for yourself.”

Read the lyrics for 'Uncontrollable Descent' if you're interested. As for me, the song clearly reads like a mean dose of reality for those who have their head stuck in the clouds and who hide away from the"truth," whatever that may be, with a healthy amount of self-awareness and self-critique.

At the end of the videos and visualisers for their previous two singles, you see the phrase "Hindsight is 2020." So of course, Emmure's new album is called 'Hindsight' and it arrives digitally on June 26th via SharpTone Records (with physical copies coming July 24th). Next single 'I've Scene God' is currently set for a June 12th release.

'Hindsight' track-listing: 

1. (F)Inally (U)Nderstanding (N)Othing

2. Trash Folder

3. Pigs Ear

4. Gypsy Disco

5. I've Scene God

6. Persona Non Grata

7. Thunder Mouth

8. Pan's Dream

9. 203

10. Informal Butterflies

11. Action 52

12. Bastard Ritual

13. Uncontrollable Descent