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Duality An Art Experiment Showcases At No Vacancy Gallery

6 October 2015 | 5:07 pm | Staff Writer

25 artists and 25 writers paired to explore individuality and narrative.

Duality explores the sentiment "words can elicit many emotions" by anonymously selecting 25 artists and 25 writers and combining their work in order to experiment individuality and narrative.

After her project was a  success in Vancouver, photographer, Shannyn Higgins is showcasing her selections of artists and writers in her home city, exploring the different ways in which narrative can be interpreted, on 23-24 October, at the No Vacancy Gallery, Melbourne. 

The writers had shared a sentence, lyric or a scribble from their notebook and the artists were given blank canvases and seven days to create work based on those words. 

Higgins individually photographed the artists and writers with their work, using a 50 mm lens and a half hour conversation to capture the environmental factors reflecting on their work.

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The aim of Duality is to bring together developing journalists, screen writers, song writers, authors, street artists,illustrators, painters, designers aged between 20-60 years.