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DREGG's Chris Mackertich chats about the Context Tour, ICP vs Limp Bizkit

9 June 2022 | 6:00 pm | Staff Writer
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Dregg are about to go on their first headline Australian tour in support of their latest single Context - Hard to believe that this is their FIRST headline tour. They have dropped 13 songs since they signed to Epitaph Records, and we chatted with Chris Mackertich about all things DREGG.


We had to have a chat with Chris Mackertich from DREGG - we wanted the low-down on everything since this is their FIRST HEADLINE TOUR - what the hell? The guys have been around for ages now, turning heads, pushing boundaries and buttons - and we needed to know more. We went into touring life, fans, hassling bands on MySpace, and what he would choose, if, Gun to Head, had to choose between Limp Bizkit and Insance Clown Posse to tour with.

As for the Context single and video, the band states that, "In a world where information spreads faster than a virus it’s incredibly easy to manipulate truth. This new phenomena of instantaneous, widespread shared knowledge has opened the flood gate for those who do not seek objective truth and has allowed them to muddy the waters and alter what is and what isn’t. This affects the entire globe from news programs pushing their own political agendas right down to the blue collar worker losing their job for saying the wrong thing. While we must hold those around us responsible for their wrong doings, we shouldn’t pass our full judgment until we’ve been presented context." 

Check out the chat below and grab tickets ASAP.

Check out DREGG's Context video here.

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Tickets available at

Friday June 17 - Lucy's love Shack, Perth
Thursday June 23 - Newcastle Hotel, Newcastle
Friday June 24 - The Red Rattler, Sydney
Saturday June 25 - La La La's, Wollongong
Saturday July 2 - Crown & Anchor, Adelaide
Saturday July 9 - The Night Cat, Melbourne
Thursday July 14 - Eleven Dive Bar, Sunshine Coast
Friday July 15 - The Brightside, Brisbane
Saturday July 16 - Vinnies Dive Bar, Gold Coast