Double J Better Than Triple J, Says Triple J Music Director

19 November 2015 | 2:05 pm | Neil Griffiths

Nick Findlay explained why at Australian Music Week

There is a very real belief by many Australian bands and artists that airplay on national youth broadcaster triple j can lead to quick exposure, however triple j's Assistant Music Director Nick Findlay claims the station’s digital platform Double J and Unearthed can in fact be more beneficial for emerging acts.

Speaking at Australian Music Week, Findlay explained the importance that Double J and Unearthed can have on a band or artist finding their audience.

"Double J and Unearthed have the ability to play more music in the day than triple j does because they’re digital radio stations…" Findlay said.

"Take out the five or six one minute breaks an hour that presenters have and we’ve calculated that up… it ends up being a lot more songs."

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Findlay explained that Double J can give more bands opportunities, as well as allow triple j to hone in on the desired 18-24 demographic, while Double J focuses on the 30 and over audience.

"There used to be a time where we’d be like 'It’s a really good song, but it’s just not suitable for the triple j demographic.'

"Now with Double J, we have that place where we can cherish and nurture different bands."

Unearthed on the other hand is not restricted by age demographics so more people in general are inclined to pay more attention to each band’s music.

"It’s just for people who love music and it’s for that online community as well," Findlay said.

"The people who listen to Unearthed are that much more amped up about music… triple j audiences are going to one or two gigs a week, the Unearthed audiences are going three or four times a week, they’re buying stuff on vinyl."