DOBBY Releases Music Video For Latest Single: ‘We Need Justice’

27 July 2020 | 1:01 pm | Staff Writer

"A powerful, vibrant music video that screams of urgency."

Pic by Luke Currie-Richardson

Pic by Luke Currie-Richardson


NSW hip hop maestro DOBBY’s latest track is one that “Australia needs to hear”.

The multi-talented artist, whose real name is Rhyan Clapham, released powerful single I Can’t Breathe last month and has now followed it up with a music video.

The song itself, as described by Clapham, is a “direct reflection of our country’s disregard for the health of our Indigenous people”.

“The title refers to Dunghutti man David Dungay Jr and George Floyd, both of whom yelled ‘I can’t breathe’ right before they were murdered at the hands of police,” Clapham said when the song was released.

With its accompanying clip dropping this morning, Clapham told The Music: “Our I Can't Breathe video really captures that frustration of ignorance felt constantly in our community. There are staunch appearances by some very talented mob, and I’m so thankful to have them all a part of this. 

“The direction and creative vision of Luke Currie-Richardson and Benjamin Ling resulted in a powerful, vibrant music video that screams of urgency.

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“I’m so grateful to have created this track with sister BARKAA. Her lyricism and flow is unparalleled, and she brings so much fire and light to this story. Her feature in the video is straight up truth!"

The music video arrives ahead of tomorrow’s the Black Lives Matter movement in Sydney.

"In light of the recent decision by the Supreme Court to overturn and ban the Black Lives Matter movement in Sydney on Tuesday, this video feels all the more important,” Clapham said.

“The police would prefer to silence protesters rather than implement an inquest into indigenous deaths in custody. 

“The protest scheduled to be held at Town Hall, 12pm Tuesday is an important one. We need justice for the families of David Dungay Jr and the 438 indigenous people killed at the hands and neglect of police whilst in custody.

“Our video captures the anger and frustration held within our community over the lack of respect for black lives AND deaths in this country. 

“We have a right to protest. Particularly for the families who are still fighting for justice.

“Despite police trying to shut the protest down, organisers and the community will fight for it to go ahead. This rally will take place on unceded Gadigal land and stand in solidarity with the continuing Black Lives Matter protests happening in the United States and across the world.”