UPDATE: Die Antwoord Deny Break-up Reports, Clarify Non-Musical Plans

10 September 2016 | 10:36 am | Staff Writer

"Life iz what u make my darling children"

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Update: Ninja's other-creative-half, Yolandi Visser, has now flat-out denied the notion that the band will break up in an Instagram post of her own, suggesting the plans to "disappear" — as conveyed in Ninja's own words below — are not necessarily the end of the band and abusing the journalist who wrote the original article for "totally twist[ing] our words".


"All we said was next year we will be working on our 5th final DA album and then continue to shoot a DA feature film," she continued. "DIE ANTWOORD FOR EVA."

Incendiary South African group Die Antwoord have apparently confirmed reports of plans to break up in 2017 following the proliferation of a quote by band member Ninja in an interview with Exclaim! magazine.

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In Exclaim's interview, conducted to coincide with the release of Die Antwoord's fourth album, Mount Ninji & Da Nice Time Kid (and, more specfically, new single Fat Faded Fuck Face, they raise the issue of an apparent promise made by Ninja and his partner in musical crime, Yolandi Visser, to "disappear" after they had released five full-lengths. Exclaim reported he had consequently told them that, as of September 2017, "Die Antwoord dies on that day".

"It's all over," he told the mag. "I feel beautiful about it. I'm not scared of the end. I'm a Ninja. I'm not scared of death."

The story has since spread around to outlets around the globe, though at least some fans remain unconvinced of the quote's veracity (one commenter on a Facebook thread on the group's page even hopefully dismissing it all as "just news reports"); however, it seems that Ninja has — at least indirectly — confirmed the news via Instagram, posting a picture of an iMessage containing the band's four album titles to date with an unfilled, final, fifth spot, and referencing the "five album" promise in his caption to his "beautiful darling angel bums" (edited for brevity, full version available here):

"from da very beginning of this magical mystery adventure we busy having ... B4 we even knew all dis fkn wild and crazy miraculous shit was gonna explode all over da hole worlds faces ... me and ¥ said: Lets just make 5 DA albums! And during dat time, lets go hard az fuck! And blow da fuck up and fukn beat everyone! Then... lets step out, and dissapear for a while, like a beautiful limited-edition experience!"

Ninja went on to reinforce further aspects of the Exclaim! interview, including allusions to their intentions to go out in a big way, in the form of an art exhibition to accompany their fifth record and release South African Ninja — a "South African gangster film that has African ninjas in it", natch — which they've been working on for the past decade. 

"Then... lets make our own feature film that we write and direct and score ourselves that kills every other movie ever made!!!" his missive continued. "Then... lets do a big art exhibition and rip the art world a new asshole!! ...Then lets do whatever da fuck else we feel like doing!"

"Life iz what u make my darling children," he continued, "so why not make it FUCKING INSANELY AWESOME … Its like dey say in da Zefside hood: 'If not, why not?'"

Mount Ninji & Da Nice Time Kid will be released on 16 September.