Delve Into The Dramatic World Of '70s Theatre At The Boon Companions' 'Cast Party'

26 February 2016 | 6:07 pm | Staff Writer

Prepare for a night of drinking, dancing, and the odd diva tantrum

Melbourne live art production house The Boon Companions are following up their previous Dance Magic Dance event, I Am Woman — which cast its attendees back to 1972 and landed them in the midst of second-wave feminism — with new conceptual evening Cast Party early next month.

Hitting the National Theatre on Friday 4 March, Cast Party takes place more than 35 years ago, in 1979, backstage after the opening night of a new musical from venerated Broadway figure Bob Fosse. As the players come to terms with their debut — the successes, the failures, the fear and the adrenaline therein — the musings turn to matters more philosophical: "Do you have a smash on your hands? Were the months of hard work and late-night dance rehearsals worth it? Most importantly, which one of you is secretly sleeping with the lead choreographer?"

To find out, simply get kitted out in your best Fosse-inspired thread and give yourself over to the joy and madness of The Boon Companions' immersive theatre parties. Attendees are asked to dress the part (backstage late 1970s musical theatre) and inhabit their characters to heighten the experience for everyone. 

Along with I Am Woman, the troupe have also staged The Wedding Reception and Le Petit Salon — so they're getting to be pretty dab hands at throwing these whole party-cum-theatrical-event things; it's probably worth listening to their advice.

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If you're keen on checking out Cast Party, tickets are available via the Festival Of Live Art website, or give the National Theatre a buzz on (03) 9525 4611. The event kicks off at 7pm.