David Draiman Awaits Biopsy Results After Getting Tumour Removed

31 May 2023 | 10:37 am | Mary Varvaris
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We hope to update this story with good news tomorrow.

Photo of David Draiman

Photo of David Draiman (Source: Twitter)

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Disturbed vocalist David Draiman is awaiting biopsy results after getting a tumour removed from the radius in his right arm, he revealed on Twitter.

“I had a tumor [sic] removed from my rt radius last week,” the Bad Man singer shared this morning (31 May). “It had been keeping me up nights. Should have biopsy results tomorrow. Thoughts, prayers, positive energy all welcome.”

The post is accompanied by a photo of Draiman showing his heavily bandaged arm. As Consequence reports, medical websites they’ve sourced note that most tumours found in the radius are benign, but can at times be malignant. We hope to update this story with good news tomorrow.

Earlier this month, Draiman invited the indie rock singer Phoebe Bridgers to a Disturbed show after watching footage of her walk-out music, Down With The Sickness.

Bridgers caught the attention of Draiman while opening for Taylor Swift on her Eras tour. Bridgers’ entrance theme is another curious contrast related to her music, as her songs are anything but nu-metal. 

However, her merchandise suggests otherwise, with her name scrawled in death metal fonts on t-shirts and skeletons as part of her overall theme.

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After witnessing her walkout music, Draiman shared the viral clip on his Twitter account and wrote, “Phoebe Bridgers this is absolutely amazing,” with two hands raised emojis.

He added, “Love it! You’re welcome to come see our show whenever you want!” Draiman also tagged Taylor Swift’s Twitter account and the hashtag #TaylorSwiftErasTour.

A few weeks ago, Draiman got remarkably candid on stage, telling the audience in Milwaukee that he intensely struggled with depression and addiction at points in his life. “I miss the friends that we’ve lost,” he said, before mentioning music icons, “I miss Chester [Bennington], I miss Scott [Weiland], I miss Chris [Cornell].

“And if I can be completely honest with you, a couple months ago, I almost joined them. Addiction and depression can happen to anyone ladies and gentlemen.” You can watch footage of his speech below.

But as Draiman’s tweet this morning says in a hashtag, he still has a reason to fight.