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Dance Gavin Dance bassist Tim Feerick's Mother speaks about his death

17 May 2022 | 4:37 pm | Staff Writer
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Dance Gavin Dance band members and Tim Feerick's Mother have spoken to US news outlet ABC 10 about how they are picking up after Tim's fentanyl overdose and death ahead of the release of 10th album Jackpot Juicer and their US tour dates kicking off and Swanfest.

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US media and news outlet ABC10,  based out of Northern California, has spoken to Tim Feerick's Mother and the band members about remembering their son and bandmate, and his unfortunate and tragic Fentanyl overdose.

Watch the news report below.
From the ABC10 news article: "Feerick's mother, Bernadette Alaniz, said she was the one who discovered he had died in his Sacramento apartment of a suspected fentanyl overdose. "When we couldn’t get ahold of him one day we knew something has to be wrong," Alaniz said. "I just wish I could have him back." After discussion with Feerick's mother, Dance Gavin Dance decided to continue with the tour and dedicate in his memory. "I know Timothy wouldn’t want them to not play, you know?" Alaniz told ABC10. "They were sweet enough to ask us, is that OK? And we said yeah, go on tour." Longtime friend of Wells and Dance Gavin Dance Sergio Medina took over on bass on short notice. The band invited Alaniz and other family members to Swanfest in Sacramento on April 23rd, where the tour began. Fans shouted, "Thank you, Tim." "It was hard not to cry, you know, when people were chanting his name," Alaniz said."