Courtney Love Calls Out The Lack Of Women Inducted In Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

15 March 2023 | 1:02 pm | Mary Varvaris
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"Can you imagine that occurring today? Me neither."

(Pic by Chris Murch)

Courtney Love has blasted the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame on Twitter due to the lack of women inducted.

Quote-tweeting author and journalist Jessica Hopper - who directed the limited series documentary, Women Who Rock, which is available to stream on SBS On Demand - after she did the math and worked out that only 61 of the Rock Hall's 719 inductees are female, Love thanked Hopper and had some more to add to the subject.

Hopper shared the statistics on Twitter while quoting an article stating that the Rock Hall was celebrating "women who rock" for Women's History Month. 

She wrote, “Do they tho? 719 inductees to the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, only 61 are women. That's 8.48%. C'mon @rockhall, it's FUCKING GRIM BRO when yr doing worse than women-artists-on-country radio numbers (10%) and women headliners at major music festivals (13%).”

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Courtney Love replied with a screen-shotted text to Dave Grohl. The text message reads: “Love it. Can you imagine that occurring today? Me neither. Have fun at rock hall Dave. Make sure and hold the seats of Tina Turner & Carole King, both who have been eligible for over 30! years each”. 

She followed it up with the tweet: “@jesshopp DOES THE MATH! 37 years in existence & women make up 8.48% of inductees out of 719. See txt to Grohl. @rockhall ELIGIBILITY is 25 years after 1st release @foofighters were nominated 4 secs later @NinaSimoneMusic & Carole King 30 years.”

The nominees eligible for induction in 2023 are Iron Maiden, Soundgarden, Rage Against The Machine, George Michael, the double-billed Joy Division/New Order, Kate Bush, Sheryl Crow, Missy Elliott, A Tribe Called Quest, Warren Zevon, The White Stripes, Cyndi Lauper, and Willie Nelson.

Last year, Dolly Parton, Pat Benatar & Neil Geraldo, Carly Simon and Eurythmics were inducted alongside Duran Duran, Eminem, and Lionel Richie in the Performers category.