Watch Comic Tash York Nail The Era Of Zoom-ertainment With 'Pivot'

25 October 2021 | 2:51 pm | Joe Dolan

"I wrote this, made a jumpsuit and turned the sparkle den into a 90s rave/kids disco party."

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With the return of live entertainment in Melbourne within scratching distance, cabaret legend and singer extraordinaire Tash York has commemorated the seemingly-infinite saga of lockdown gigs and Zoom live shows the only way she knows how - with an absolute belter of a tune.

Pivot is a tribute to all those who have done it tough throughout lockdown and had their livelihood all but taken away - and had to turn to the harsh glow of a ring light and a fuzzy laptop webcam to keep going. Knocking out their best gear in a glittered up torso and tracky-dack bottoms, the entertainers of Aus are well and truly ready to get back out there.

"Here it is friends, a song that encapsulates the last 18 months," York said of the tune. "The word we have all hated but somehow clearly defines what’s been going on. Pivot." 

She continues, "I was asked to write a song for the Melb Fringe awards night and so I wrote this, made a jumpsuit and turned the sparkle den into a 90s rave / kids disco party. It was nice to be asked, and as you can see I had a ball putting it together."

Check out the sensationally self-produced vid below.

York is appearing for a week of shows at The Butterfly Club this December. For all the details, jump on over to theGuide.

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