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Comedian Greg Fleet Responds To Arrest Warrant After Court No-Show

2 December 2015 | 9:42 am | Staff Writer

Comic takes to Facebook

Popular Melbourne comedian Greg Fleet has responded to an arrest warrant issued to him regarding a no-show in court yesterday, for which he was meant to appear after being charged of stealing from a friend last year. 

According to The Age, Fleet reportedly stole from journalist and former house mate Wendy Squires last October to fund a heroin addiction which was recently made public. 

However taking to Facebook yesterday, the 53-year-old comic said the no-show was a "simple screw up of dates".

Read the full statement below. 

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"Hello world. You may have seen some stuff about my court case in the news. just wanting to reassure people that it was a simple screw up of dates.

"Ive been in touch with the court and police and will sort it. Im still clean and working hard to remain that way and move forward. Over a year ago i did a shitty thing and the court stuff is dealing with it.

"Im not 'on the lamb' (sic) and am waiting on a call back from the police. im actually in Adelaide playing a very bad man in a tv show. Typecast. Cheers all. xxx"

Fleet last year pleaded guilty to stealing a diamond ring and bracelet worth $2800 from Squires' jewellery box while she was away on business and reportedly sold it for just $200 which went towards purchasing heroin. 

While Fleet maintains he is now clean, he previously battled his addiction for 20 years.