'I'm Not Going To Take That Back': 'The Voice' Winner Reflects On Calling Show 'Crappy' In 2016

21 July 2020 | 9:49 am | Dan CribbNeil Griffiths

"They changed production companies as well, which was a huge part of that decision."

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The Voice winner Chris Sebastian told The Music back in 2016 that his experience on the reality TV singing competition was "crappy"... and he's not taking it back. 

After taking out the 2020 competition on Sunday night, the Sydney singer spoke to The Music and discussed his comments about his first go-around on season one in 2012, in which he had some unfavourable things to say about the show. 

"They did a lot of things that they weren't meant to, like after my performance they played [brother and The Voice coach Guy Sebastian's] song," Sebastian said in 2016.

"And the whole point was for me to have my own identity... So it was a bit of a crappy experience. It was a real slap in the face, and when I asked them about that they were just like, almost smug about it, like they kinda [knew] it all along, it was just really rude... real dishonest."

Speaking to The Music this week, Sebastian said it's important to "own" what he said and that the birth of daughter changed his motivation.

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"I’m not going to take that back, I mean that, it wasn’t a great experience and I think it’s important to be honest," he said.

"I was asked to do the show a couple of times, but that’s not a free pass. You’re asked to put your application in and audition and that’s what I did. But I did that because I spoke to a few people who were on last year and they said, ‘Man, it was so good.'

"They changed production companies as well, which was a huge part of that decision.

"But I had a couple of friends on last year and they said how good their experience was and I spoke to Guy and he said, ‘It’s really good, but understand there’s going to be funny with it, but ultimately, I get it, you’ve got a daughter to provide for now and you’ve got to get further in the industry.’ I knew I’d cop it, but I’m like, ‘Well, it’s not about me anymore.’"

Sebastian also discussed the backlash from Sunday night's win, with some viewers saying the competition was "rigged" due to him being a brother of one of the coaches.

"I knew that there was always going to be [backlash]," he said.

"I knew there was going to be people who were angry that I was on the show, but no part of me had thought as far ahead as, ‘What are people going to think if I win?’ So I knew that there was going to be backlash.

"I think people are under the impression that I’ve been doing nothing since season one, but I’ve been working away and trying to do everything that I can to make it and the decision to do The Voice was for my daughter. I’ve got a four month old and when I found out my wife was pregnant I was like, well, I’m probably going to cop backlash because Guy’s on the show, but I know he’s going to support me and I knew I wasn’t going to pick him [as a coach] had I got the chance to turn a chair.

"It was for my daughter, that was my whole motivation and The Voice is easily one of the best ways to make it as an artist. I’ve been trying everything else and I couldn’t seem to get across the line.

"To the people who are upset, I’m really sorry you feel that way, but it’s not rigged, I can assure you. It’s a public vote through a third-party agency that has nothing to do with the network or the show and then lawyers oversee it and they pass on the details to the network."

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