Chester Bennington Vocals Recreated By AI On Stone Sour's 'Bother'

4 May 2023 | 2:08 pm | Mary Varvaris
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Has AI gone too far?

(Pic by Josh Groom)

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After a Twitter user said “We need to make this shit illegal” in response to someone using AI to doctor Kurt Cobain’s vocals over the Hole classic, Celebrity Skin, it’s happened again.

TikTok user AI Remixes frequently uploads new videos with a singer’s vocals over a different song, and one of the most recent is AI-doctored vocals of Chester Bennington over the Stone Sour track, Bother.

Bother is the second single from Stone Sour’s debut self-titled album, released in 2002. The song peaked at #41 in Australia.

Corey Taylor does an already spot-on job for Bother, so this new take can come across as something new and fun or unnecessary and morally unethical, depending on the listener. Has AI gone too far or not far enough? You can check out the rendition below and decide for yourself.

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Fans were outraged over the AI Kurt Cobain vocals on Celebrity Skin. One Twitter user called the AI version, “copyright infringement, totally distasteful, poorly executed, and subtextual misogyny,” while a separate poster laid their feelings out as clearly as possible: “This sounds like shit.” 

The new version of Bother is the latest instance of AI coming up with an imagined version of music starring a famous singer.

A few weeks ago, an AI version of a “lost” Oasis album appeared on YouTube. The project, cleverly titled AISIS - The Lost Tapes / Vol.1, was created in the style of Liam Gallagher’s vocals layered on top of the instrumentals.

The YouTube description reads: “AISIS is an alternate reality concept album where the band’s 95-97 line-up continued to write music, or perhaps all got together years later to write a record akin to the first 3 albums, and only now has the master DAT tape from that session surfaced.

“We’re bored of waiting for Oasis to reform, so we’ve got an AI modelled Liam Gallagher (inspired by @JekSpek) to step in and help out on some tunes that were written during lockdown 2021 for a short lived, but much loved band called Breezer. 

“It seemed to be a perfect match, and we love how some of these have turned out. We have a 2nd bunch of songs to come if you want to hear more.” You can check that out here.