Metal Label Century Music Return To Spotify

8 August 2012 | 5:24 pm | Scott Fitzsimons

Fans convinced label executives to reverse the initial decision

After almost a year's absence, Century Media Records have announced the availability of their music catalogue on Spotify once more.

This week, the metal label and its associates InsideOut Music, Superball Music and People Like You Records announced that their entire repertoire will feature on the music streaming service.

In August last year, Century Music claimed music sales had decreased in countries where Spotify was active, deciding to pull their content as the European-born program was introduced to the United States.

The label's fans continued to voice their opposition to the decision, eventually convincing Century Music executives to reverse the decision.

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Century's President of North America, Don Robertson, explained that there were a few points to consider.

“We respect that music fans wanted to have instant access to our catalog via Spotify. But we also have to consider the rights of our artists,” he said.

“After practicing some due diligence, we're moving ahead confident that both the artist and the fan are being fairly served by this developing platform.”

The label said it will continue to evaluate the effectiveness of Spotify as a method of music discovery.

For now, Spotify's Head of Content, Steve Savoca, is pleased to have the repertoire on board.

"Spotify's global growth provides a powerful platform for artists to connect directly with our hugely passionate audience. The return of Century Media's fantastic catalog is cranking metal music to our ears."

Century Media is home to acts like Dark Funeral, Fozzy, Lacuna Coil, Paradise Lost, Terror, Periphery and others.