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Celine Dion Nabs Daniel Merriweather Track For New Album

30 April 2013 | 6:25 pm | Scott Fitzsimons

We're sure it's a mistake she forgets to mention him

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Daniel Merriweather's has scored a serious seal of approval from pop icon Celine Dion after she covered his track Water And A Flame.

The track, which originally appears on his 2009 album Love & War and features vocals from Adele, has been re-recorded by Dion for her next English-language album, which will be released in Australia's spring this year.

In fact, the whole album's going to be named after the song. The track was written by Merriweather and Eg White, so hopefully this'll be a decent pay-day for them. White is actually collaborating on the album and features in the video below – which seems to pass the track off as an original, but whatever.


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