Celebrities Social The Darnedest Things

10 January 2016 | 12:45 pm | Staff Writer

If you're still casually easing yourself back into work, damn you. And if like us, you're already in the thick of it, hello, welcome. 

This week, Southbound 2016 got cancelled due to the spreading bushfires in WA, Falls Festival ploughed on with their numerous sideshows and in sports, Chris Gayle tried his luck with female sports journalist Mel McLaughlin, to much criticism. Coachella announced their 2016 line-up featuring the hotly rumoured Guns N' Roses — Slash and Axl Rose included — while LCD Soundsystem announced they'd reunite at the festival too. 

Here's what some musos and celebrities had to say about it all. 


chris gayle

guns n' roses reunion

southbound cancellation