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7 February 2016 | 11:40 am | Staff Writer

"Maybe Prince will just come around to all of our houses for 20 minutes each, play a few songs and pat our cats."

The past week has been another emotional rollercoaster. From the passing of a BMX legend to Shane Warne eating insects, a lot has happened. Here are just a few things you might have missed this week, as documented by Twitter.


Prince announced a surprise tour on Friday. Get pumped!

Dave Mirra

BMX legend Dave Mirra passed away during the week, and tributes were strong on the Twittersphere.

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Shane Warne

It’s been a big week for Shane Warne, having joined the cast of I’m A Celebrity, announcing his foundation will close, and Hugh Grant moving in on his ex-fiancée. Twitter had fun.

Matt LeBlanc

Friends star Matt LeBlanc was named as a new Top Gear presenter.

And this just because:


Daniel Webb

A nice typo during an ABC broadcast with Human Rights Law Centre legal advocacy director Daniel Webb yielded hilarious results.

Jarrad Seng

A video of Perth photographer Jarrad Seng getting kicked in the face went viral. We’ll leave you with one of many videos that were spawned from the comedic gold.

#snapchatlyf (jarradseng)

it had to be done...--snapchat: jarradsengwww.instagram.com/jarradsengwww.jarradseng.com

Posted by Jarrad Seng Photography on Saturday, January 30, 2016