Bully Want Meredith's No Dickhead Policy To Spread Everywhere

4 December 2015 | 12:19 pm | Uppy Chatterjee

We're with 'em on that

Chatting to theMusic.com.au while in town for their headlining tour and the upcoming Meredith and Disconnect festivals, Nashville pop punk quartet Bully said they were totally in support of Meredith's Dickhead Policy, that is, "'the dickhead' is not celebrated at the festival". 

When asked what the band had heard of Australian festivals, singer Alicia Bognanno said, "We've only heard really amazing things about Meredith… that there's one stage, that there's a No Dickhead policy.

"I think that should probably be at every festival in America, or just everywhere."

Meredith promoters try to enforce the Dickhead Policy at the three-day festival through the festival's non-dickhead attendees. They write, "Dickheads or people involved in dickhead behaviour will usually find that a solid citizen will firmly but politely inform them that their dickhead behaviour is not admired or appreciated.

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"The Dickhead will usually realise they are being a dickhead and pull their head in. If not, our Helpers or Staff or even Security can make a discreet intervention. Dickheads can be anonymously reported by texting 0430 091 120, emailing Aunty, or in person at a Helper Hut or the Info Centre."

Going on about what else they've heard of Australian festivals, guitarist Stewart Copeland adds, "[When] American bands talk about Australia, they have a reverence for it, it's almost religious. If you talk to any band that's ever toured Australia, they're always like 'OH, that's my favourite place.'" 

Proudly presented by The Music, Bully kick their tour in Sydney at Oxford Art Factory next Wednesday, 9 December, before heading to Melbourne then Brisbane. Rolling Blackouts are joining them on the run.

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