Broken Stone Records Signs Sydney Outfit Imperial Broads

15 March 2021 | 5:43 pm | Staff Writer

“This is a cheeky clear-eyed take on a love song."

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Sydney trio Imperial Broads has inked a deal with Broken Stone Records.

The signing news arrives alongside the first taste of their forthcoming album, single Unromantic.

“This is a cheeky clear-eyed take on a love song,” Imperial Broads’ Eve Lande said.

“Let’s be honest about the aspects of a long term partnership that are necessity and fantasies about something/someone ‘other’. Or, at least, let’s present it that way and keep the good stuff private. A surf guitar break-down doesn’t hurt either!”

Imperial Broads will launch Unromantic at Petersham Bowling Club on March 27; head to theGuide for all the details.

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