Brisbane Prog Metallers Citadel Drop Massive New Single 'Nightmare Frontier'

25 May 2023 | 3:41 pm | Mary Varvaris
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Nightmare Frontier finds Citadel stepping in a new direction and marks the start of a new era.

Photo of Citadel

Photo of Citadel (Source: Supplied)

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Brisbane prog-metal outfit Citadel return today with Nightmare Frontier, a banger of epic proportions.

Featuring a filthy bass guitar, driving electric guitars, steady and quick drums, and the clean and screamed vocals of vocalist Russell Miller, it’s a unique track that explores his many challenges living as a neurodiverse person.

Kicking off with syncopated grooves and cascading synths, Nightmare Frontier swings between ambient passages, savage riffs and a harrowing crescendo reminiscent of metalcore heavyweights like Make Them Suffer and Ice Nine Kills.

Over the last two years I’ve spent a lot of time learning about ADHD as I’ve become more and more aware that I have very similar symptoms,” Miller said in a statement. His frustration and confusion are evident throughout the track, with the vocalist adding:

“Learning about why I’ve struggled with some things and why my brain might function in certain ways has been enlightening, but also really frustrating. Occasionally it makes my anxieties worse because being aware doesn’t make me overcome it." 

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Gareth Hargreaves (Polaris, Young Lions, The Brave), Nightmare Frontier showcases a band unafraid of pushing the boundaries of heavy music through their grand songwriting skills and overarching heavy, technical and metalcore influences. 

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While the Brisbanites are relatively new to the scene, Citadel pull from years of combined experience in previous bands Osaka Punch, Wildheart and Bayharbour.

Following the release of their debut single Sundered Souls last April, the four-piece have developed a strong fanbase, which has seen them perform alongside Eurovision heroes Voyager, RedHook, The Dead Love, and Reliqa, and they were finalists in the Brisbane legs of 2022's Good Things Festival heat.

Their debut album Decompose also saw Citadel become finalists in the Queensland Music Awards for their single Malignant taken from the album.

Nightmare Frontier finds Citadel stepping in a new direction and marks the start of a new era. The band’s latest single is a testament to Citadel’s versatile craftsmanship and their affinity for high-quality audio-visual production. Check out the music video below.