[UPDATE] Missing Bris Journo & Author Andrew Stafford Makes Contact

23 February 2016 | 11:45 am | Staff Writer

Friends and family are concerned for the 'Pig City' scribe's well-being

update: 1.35pm 

Andrew Stafford has made contact with his family and several friends, including Screamfeeder member Tim Steward and The Guardian culture editor Steph Harmon. According to Steward, Stafford is returning home to Brisbane and "[s]ounded bruised but OK".

Renowned Queensland-based author and music journalist Andrew Stafford has been reported missing by family and friends, as a social media campaign to help locate the well-known writer picks up steam.

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The community reaction to the news has been swift  according to acquaintances, Stafford was reported missing last night, with Fairfax placing the time about 8pm — within and outside of Brisbane. In addition to the several posts being circulated between friends and acquaintances on Facebook, among the high-profile faces lending their support to find the 44-year-old are the likes of Fairfax journalist Rohan Connolly, Newscorp journo Andrew Hamiltonradio host and comedian Jane Gazzo and authors Nick Earls and Benjamin Law, among several others

As The Courier-Mail reports, police are presently investigating Stafford's disappearance (the writer has been officially listed as missing), with public calls being made for any information on his whereabouts or those of his car, a white Nissan Pulsar (registration 606 GWN).

"Brisbane mates: Andrew Stafford  author of 'Pig City', brilliant writer and great human being all round  is officially missing," Law wrote on Facebook this morning. 

"If you see him, or his car … contact the police or his partner Emma immediately. Please share and circulate."

Stafford's last suspected location, via mobile phone signal, was the Cunningham Highway early this morning; however, as Fairfax notes, the phone has since run out of battery or been switched off.

The writer is best known for his work as the author of his 2004 historical tome, Pig City: From The Saints To Savage Garden, which paints a thorough and detailed picture of Brisbane's live music scene from the 1970s to 2000 against the backdrop of pervasive political corruption and public mistrust that underscored the climate of much of the era. He has also worked as a freelance writer for several publications.