Bring Me The Horizon Clarify Coldplay Table Trashing Was "In No Way A Protest"

19 February 2016 | 9:38 am | Staff Writer

"It was a bit more energetic up there."

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Making news yesterday with a rock'n'roll display of destroying Coldplay's table at the NME Awards, British heavy act Bring Me The Horizon have clarified that old mate Chris Martin and his band just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time and it was nothing personal.

Speaking to NME, the band's keyboardist Jordan Fish said, "I don't think [Oli] was aiming for Coldplay. It was just whoever was nearest, it [just] happened to be Coldplay".

Enigmatic frontman Oli Sykes echoed the sentiment, stating, "I had no sound in my ears so I thought, 'Well, there might be sound out there.' There weren't sound out there so when I came back there was a table, which I got on.

"There wasn't any sound on there, but it was a bit more energetic up there. It was in no way a protest against Coldplay."

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With Bring Me The Horizon picking up the NME Innovation Award in Austin, Texas, Martin later told NME that he hadn't heard of the Brits, but it was "very rock'n'roll".