Beach Slang's James Alex Names His Top 5 Favourite TV Shows

26 October 2015 | 11:35 am | Uppy Chatterjee

We concur

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Ahead of the release of their debut full-length on 30 October, The Things We Do To Find People Who Feel Like Us, via Cooking Vinyl, Philadelphia-based Beach Slang's James Alex pieced together a list of his top five TV shows, at a time when the band essentially have back-to-back shows in the US and Europe until late February next year, leaving little to no time to have a Netflix binge. 

But a man can dream. With that… 


1. Arrested Development

I've watched this as many times in as many ways as you can watch a thing. It is this perfectly perfect bit of writing and humor and smarts.

2. Seinfeld 

Any thing that can, at the very same time, be about nothing and everything is my kind of thing. If Seinfeld wrestled Arrested Development, I do not know you would land a pin, you know? They're pretty equal monsters, in the best way.

3. The Simpsons

If you outgrow smart cartoons, you're doing it wrong. 

4. The Office 

That thing about "there's a lot of beauty in ordinary things"…yeah, I quite like the idea of that.

5. It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia 

Too many things take themselves too seriously. I dig how much this doesn't. It's that cursed-up party guest you want around all the time. And, you know, it's Philadelphia.