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Band To Break Up As Soon As Tony Abbott Gets Voted Out

18 February 2015 | 11:26 am | Staff Writer

It will be a pity if they're any good

Crooked Fiddle Band members Joe Gould and Gordon Wallace have started a new musical endeavour, but they're not looking for adulation or airtime or any other trivialities — they just want Tony Abbott out of office, so have set about launching Until Abbott Gets Gone, a "not-for-profit" political punk-rock outfit designed to last exactly as long as Abbott's prime ministership.

"We can't wait to break up," Gould said in a statement. "We formed this band to express our frustration at the direction of our government. The inhumane asylum seeker policies, the sheer disrespect towards climate science… it's safe to say we're not happy."

To that end, the band have already recorded — and just released — the first single, Climate Septic, which is currently available (but non-embeddable) via their Bandcamp page. As you might expect, the socially aware, emotionally charged hardcore-punk duo use the opportunity to tear Abbott a new one over his climate policies. But Until Abbott Gets Gone aren't a pair to belabour a point — they'll be covering a broad range of issues with the government, not just climate change denial, and once Abbott is out, they'll move onto the next challenge.

"This is an issue-by-issue band," Wallace said. "When Abbott leaves, we'll break it up. No more releases at all. Our final show will be a celebration, and that's it.

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"There's scope to start a new project concentrating on new issues, but that's a discussion for later. Right now, it's all about Abbott and his party's policies."

"We were even hopeful the band might be over before it started, but the recent spill has just proven that more dissent is needed," he continued. "Since last week's promise of good government, Abbott's made yet another 'captain's call', lambasted the Human Rights Commission, and a year on frm the death of Reza Berati with protests all around the world there's still no hope on the horizon for asylum seekers. We're adding our screams to the millions already yelling that enough is enough."

As to the endeavour's endemic charitibility, the pair explain that, while they don't expect to make money off the project, "our music is available pay-what-you-want and any cash that comes in will be donated straight to charity", with the band splitting 100% of proceeds between Greenpeace and the Climate Council.

For more information about the band and what they're up to, be sure to Like their Facebook page.