The Bon Scotts Shoot Footage Of Coburg Race Rally For New Video

15 June 2016 | 2:40 pm | Staff Writer

Powerful clip.

Melbourne folk outfit The Bon Scotts have dropped a powerful new music video showing footage from the recent Coburg race rally which they shot themselves.

The song, Main Street, looks at the anger and violence from both sides and aims to ask the question, "Can either side be part of the solution when they often seem to be the root cause of the problem?"

The video, which shows graphic footage of the violence at the rally, starts with a message displayed across the screen that reads, "The Bon Scotts have lived in Coburg for over seven years".

"On 28th May 2016, a violent clash of ideology was brought to our doorstep. We believe the behaviour exhibited by both sides is abhorrent and hypocritical."

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Check out the music video below. 

Main Street is the first single from The Bon Scott’s upcoming new album When I'm Lonely I Still Think Of You, which will be launched with a free home-town show next month. 

Head to theGuide for more details.