New Victorian Festival Wants To Focus On Australian Music

28 October 2015 | 11:42 am | Neil Griffiths

Appreciating the country's history.

With Warrnambool’s inaugural Aus Music Festival just days away, director Russ Goodear has spoken exclusively with theMusic about what it means for the regional Victorian city to adopt its own music event.

In an attempt to embrace Warrnambool's music culture, Goodear revealed that it was a popular live venue in the area that initially sparked the idea for the festival.

“There was a hotel here called ‘Lady Bay’ – it was a famous music hall back in the ‘70s, ‘80s and '90s that all the big bands used to come through when they were all on tour,” he explained.

“It became an iconic Australian music venue – an ‘Australian’ theme emerged through that.”

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With a diverse range of artists set to perform throughout the weekend, which includes Leah Senior, Raised By Eagles, Archie Roach, Neil Murray and Germein Sisters to name a few, Goodear wanted to introduce a festival that doesn't embrace just one style of music, but all, both contemporary and heritage.  

“It’s a genuine attempt to really come and understand Australian music as a part of our history and culture,” Goodear said.

“There’s no regional city that really is focusing on the great Australian music and how it connects with our past and how it connects with us as human beings growing up.”

“It’s not just putting up a marquee and then putting in bands. We've been very selective in trying to show the range and diversity of Australian music that exists…and come to understand that we as a nation have produced some amazing music.”

As well as featuring a stellar music line-up, the Aus Music Fest will also feature industry panels and discussions on professional development, touring, live music venues, and dealing with the media.

Tickets for the event are still available before it all kicks off this Friday. Head to the official website for more details and a look at the entire three-day program.