Attn Aussie Slaves Fans: Learn The 'Cut & Run' Dance 'Cause You Might Have To Perform It

12 February 2019 | 8:52 am | Daniel Cribb & Bryget Chrisfield

"We'll still be doin' it when we're like 70 or something."

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Attending Download Festival or a Slaves sideshow next month? Do your homework and learn the Cut & Run dance 'cause you might get an opportunity to perform it on stage with the UK duo.

Speaking with The Music earlier this month ahead of the trip, drummer Isaac Holman said they started inviting fans on stage to perform the dance moves during a recent UK tour and it snowballed from there. 

But don’t even think about rushing the stage without doing your homework first.

“They have to know the moves,” Holman said.

“The rule is if they don't know the moves - which a lot of people just jump at the chance to get on stage and don't actually know the dance - we're quite cutthroat with it: if they don't know the dance, they're off. 

“Thankfully there was like everyone was pretty good at it. It's really funny that whole thing is so stupid I can't believe how out hand it got.”

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You might be surprised to learn that Holman, bandmate and vocalist Laurie Vincent and their manager were just “fucking about” and made up the dance in only a few minutes.

“I know it's one of those things is we'll never shake it now, we'll still be doin' it when we're like 70 or something,” he said.

Slaves play headline shows in Perth and Brisbane in March before taking on Download Festival in Sydney and Melbourne.

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