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Arlo Parks, HOLY HOLY & More: This Week's Best New Music

3 March 2023 | 4:55 pm | Emma Whines

Each week we track down the best new music and curate it into our 'Hit List' playlist for all our readers to enjoy. Today, we've selected our top picks of the week to celebrate the songs that stood out in the crowd.

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Arlo Parks - Impurities

Coming into fame in 2018 with her single Cola, Arlo Parks has been a mainstay in the indie-RnB genre. Now, she comes to us with her second single of 2023, Impurities. A simple but unique song that delves into the wonders of unconditional love. It's a little different to her first release of this year, Weightless, which will link with her forthcoming album My Soft Machine. Where Weightless is more pop-leaning with intense beats, Impurities is lyric-forward with minimal production. Its look into an imperfect love is fresh and tender, and it's replicated a soothing feeling that so many of Parks' early songs embodied. 

Holy Holy - Messed Up ft. Kwame

Holy Holy are back with a brand-new single, Messed Up featuring local rapper and producer Kwame, which takes the band down a route they've never been before. Messed Up reads between the lines of an auto-tune, indie-dance hit rather than the usual indie-rock that Holy Holy pushed for the last seven years. Multi-instrumentalist Oscar Dawson of Holy Holy initially questioned the song, but decided that they had to keep the track, as he believed it worked "on a bunch of different levels." Kwame really adds to the track, delivering a perfect husky vocal amongst rapid synths and driving drums. 

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Kali Uchis - Fantasy ft. Don Toliver

Kali Uchis is known for her chill and groovy vibes, and her newest collaboration with ultra-cool Don Toliver delves ever further into her Femme Fatal fantasy. The single is a part of her newly released album Red Moon In Venus, which is filled with luxurious hits. Fantasy is arguably the best single from the album. With the help of Toliver's creative genius, Latin pop beats and lightly edited vocals lull you into a slow groove. Over the past few years, Uchis has redefined the RnB space, and this song only adds to her impressive catalogue of tracks. 

Portugal. The Man - Dummy

Portugal. The Man are back for the first time since 2017, with an uber-catchy song Dummy, the first taste of their new record Chris Black Changed My Life, set to land on 23rd June. Even though the band have been around since the early stages of 2006, their major hit came in the form of Feel it Still off their 2017 album. Dummy, howeverstands as tall as that major hit, with a little less groove and a little more attitude. With a slinky, almost creepy baseline and warbling vocals, Portugal. The Man continues to prove that they never miss. 

Palace - All We've Ever Wanted

Despite touring the world for the past year, Palace have found a way to squeeze out another stunning track in their signature style. Mixing heartfelt lyrics with droning synths and guitars, Palace always brings a bucket of feels, and All We've Ever Wanted is no different. Expertly extracting the emotion associated with dreams and desires, the track straddles ambient noise and shoegaze pop while letting frontman Leo Wyndham's vocals shine. 

You can listen to the Hit List playlist featuring all the above songs and more on Apple Music or Spotify. We also have our Underground playlists that showcase the best of Australia's emerging artists. Find them here.