Your Fave Aus Artists Have Curated Summer Playlists: ‘It Enhances Every Feeling’

24 November 2020 | 11:16 am | Jessica DaleDan Cribb

“That song always has to be at the end of something.”

Few things beat cruising down the highway, windows down and music blasting, which is exactly the inspiration local favourite Ruel took when curating a summer playlist for fans.

He’s just one artist who has teamed up with Apple Music for their Summertime Sounds campaign, which sees Bernard Fanning help fans through hangovers, Dua Lipa kickstart backyard chill sessions and, among others, Western Sydney-based R&B artist Becca Hatch, who soundtracks those special twilight moments before night sets in.

“This is [music] that I would actually have on during summer, on repeat,” Hatch told The Music of her Golden Hour playlist that features Hermitude, Kllo, Planet Vegeta, SZA, GoldLink and more.

“It was kind of hard picking songs because I kind of just wanted one of each artist. For me, this playlist is a mix of local artists and more international artists… I found [Australian] artists that I listen to that would fit perfectly.”

As far as the perfect setting to listen to Golden Hour, Hatch said: “You just had a mad day at the beach, you’re driving home with your friends, and you’re just mad tired, but you’re really warm and in a good place.”

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Calvin Harris & The Weeknd’s Over Now, one of Hatch’s favourite tracks at the moment, was a must-have, while, going back to Ruel, he told The Music that Note by US pop duo Nat & Alex Wolff immediately made the cut (“Never really heard anything like it”).

“I only got my driver's licence a few months ago and I found listening to music whilst driving by yourself was such a different experience,” Ruel said on curating his ok we should head home playlist, which also features Supergrass, Clairo, Cub Sport, The 1975, The Strokes and more.

“It enhances every feeling a song would have given me otherwise.”

For Ruel, curating his playlist was as simple as picking “all the songs I love driving to”, and it’s clear that Phoebe Bridgers is a big influence on the local artists, with her tracks Kyoto and I Know The End topping and tailing his selections. 

“I love how she tells stories… Kyoto feels like a perfect way to start it purely because of how it feels and I Know The End felt like a good way to end it because of the lyrics. 

“That song always has to be at the end of something.”