Antagonist A.D. Are Back: Sign To Greyscale Records, Drop 'No Justice'

9 May 2018 | 11:42 am | Alex Sievers
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"No gods or kings, only man."

"No gods or kings, only man."

The fires are burning once again for New Zealand's finest hardcore act, Antagonist A.D.

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It's been a while between drinks for these guys but after now having some time away, the Auckland group are ready to rise from their rest like a sleeping giant moving into a new era. This comes with the band dropping a dual bomb of news today upon fans and friends. First, their signing to local Aussie label Greyscale Records (Belle Haven, Justice For The Damned) as well as the release of their short but punishing new single, 'No Justice' - their first new material since 2015's solid 'Haunt Me As I Roam' (their one and only UNFD album release).

The four-piece's filthy and heavy new tune sees Antag just giving us more of their vicious hardcore sound, but it's a welcome return. While there's no news right now if a new EP or another album from the band is on its way this year, you'd be daft not to think so!

Vocalist Sam Crocker (who sounds as venomous as ever on this track) also stated in a recent presser of the societal meaning behind the band's newest song - the lack of justice and accountability - saying that: 

"No Justice is about coming to the reality that western society was built upon prejudice and injustice. That the only way to change it is to first change yourself and own your actions/consequences. That the only way to find justice is to be accountable for the way you live - accepting that your actions have consequences. So we will push on for change, living a better way, one step at a time."

Check out 'No Justice' below. It's not like you've got anything better to do.

Be cool and head out to one of the following Antagonist A.D. 'No Justice' launch shows:


w/  Imprisoned, Dregg, Cast Down, & Caged Existence


w/ Imprisoned, Underminer, Homesick, & Belligerent