Amanda Palmer Tells Sinead O'Connor To Back Off

4 October 2013 | 3:45 pm | Staff Writer

The outspoken musician comes to Miley's defence

Outspoken musician Amanda Palmer has weighed into the Sinead O'Connor/Miley Cyrus controversy, saying that the latter is “desperately trying to write her own script” in the industry, in an open letter aimed at O'Connor.

In case you haven't heard (or maybe you've tuned out by now), O'Connor penned her own open letter to Cyrus yesterday, raising her concerns over the former Disney star's new, provocative image. Cyrus responded with a handful of less than subtle tweets about how much she clearly couldn't care for the Irish singer's opinion, prompting another response from O'Connor today.

In Palmer's letter, the Grand Theft Orchestra singer shows plenty of empathy for Cyrus given the “sex sells” mindset of the music industry.

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“What I see is Miley desperately trying to write her own script; truly trying to be taken seriously (even if its in a nakedly playful way) by the standards of her own peers.”

“As much as we may not want to see it this way – because, from a far distant she looks like just another airbrushed hottie from a lite beer commercial – we gotta give Miley (and every female) space to try on her artist's uniform.”

Palmer also laments the struggle for women to be treated in the same vain as men in the business.

“I want to live in a world where Miley (or any female musician) can twerk wildly at 20, wear a full-cover floral hippie mumu at 37, show up at 47 in see-through latex, and pose semi-naked, like Keith & co, on the cover of rolling stone at 57 and be APPLAUDED for being so comfortable with her body.”

O'Connor's official website has since crashed in the wake of the controversy.