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Alpha Wolf go more melodic on 'Bleed 4 You,' featuring Lizi Blanco (The Beautiful Monument)

12 August 2020 | 2:10 pm | Alex Sievers
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Alpha Wolf's latest tune, 'Bleed 4 You,' is a story about meeting the exact right person at the exact wrong time.

Alpha Wolf's 'Bleed 4 You,' is a story about meeting the exact right person at the exact wrong time.

Look, 'Bleed 4 You' isn't some out-there, experimental, poppier track for Alpha Wolf. But the Melbourne mosh crew's latest track does have a slightly different sense of dynamic, emotion and melody as opposed to the straight-up, ass-beating metalcore that they're so well-known to unleash. That change is no bad thing, and don't worry, there's still plenty of their chunky, heavier sections here to move around to. (Like that final crushing breakdown or the mosh-ready part in the middle-eight.)

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"The flowers dance but never in time. Can’t find the rhythm just like you and I" are the track's opening sentiments, perfectly summarising the song's overall theme of two people meeting but at the worst time. Likewise, 'Bleed 4 You' is somehow moodier than what Alpha Wolf normally drop, and that's saying something. Which I think is down to Lizi Blanco from label-mates The Beautiful Monument guest appearing, as well some nice subtle electronic percussion and the dial-tone heard at the end of the video.

The addition of Lizi's vocals, pushed up against Lochie Keogh's screams, makes for an interesting contrast, one that sees both voices/perspectives echo and dance around each other yet still remaining at arms reach. Doomed to never fully meet. It musically manifests this song's tragic story about two people who are practically perfect for each other but just can't seem to make it work due to where they're at in their respective lives.

While this is my least favourite of the three singles pulled from new album 'a quiet place to die' (whose September 25th release draws ever closer), I do still enjoy 'Bleed 4 You' for what it is. So go dig it deeper just to throw it away below: