ABC's iview Launches On iPhone

27 June 2012 | 9:56 am | Scott Fitzsimons

Watch Media Watch on your phone.

The ABC's popular iview on-demand service has officially launched on the iPhone and can now be streamed via 3G across iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Public funded ABC beat the major commercial networks to launching an online on-demand service for their content and their launch onto iPhones is their next attempt to keep ahead of the other networks, who in the past have appeared hesitant to host all of their content online for free.

Director of ABC TV Kim Dalton said today, "ABC iview was one of the important first steps in the evolution of ABC TV's content offering. It provides choice in terms of what people watch, when they watch it and on what device. Today we are taking it another step forward.”

The app also includes live streaming of ABC News 24.

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Arul Baskaran, ABC TV's Controller of Multiplatform, said, “Our focus is always on creating and curating quality programs and delivery methods that are in tune with the media habits of contemporary Australia. As a public broadcaster we are committed to making our content easily accessible on multiple platforms, and by extending ABC iview to iPhone, with watching over Wi-Fi and 3G, we're reaching millions of Australians on millions of mobile

The ABC claims that iview viewers have continued to grow in 2012, with 8.2 million program plays in May 2012. The iPad recorded over 490,000 unique users also.

"The future challenge for broadcasters is to provide greater choice to viewers – through catch-up, through unique video on demand content and through live-streaming of our channels," said Dalton. "The Free-to-Air platform is well placed to embrace the connected world and strengthen its connection with audiences. ABC iview was the piece of innovation that liberated ABC TV as a broadcaster from the 'fixed in time and space' linear relationship with audiences."