Weekend Reading Sorted: Have You Picked Up The October Issue Of 'The Music' Yet?

5 October 2019 | 7:24 am | Staff Writer

The October issue is on the streets!

If you're lucky enough to live in New South Wales or Queensland, you'll be well aware we're heading into a long weekend. 

And rather than just using the extra day to get on the piss, the October issue of The Music is on the streets now so we've got your reading material sorted. 

This month it's our festival issue and we speak to some acts set to make waves this season including our cover artists Tones & I about her journey from sleeping in a van to topping the charts in 11 countries, Ali Barter about her oversharing and Montaigne who checks herself before she wrecks herself. 

We also have a chat to Cousin Tony's Brand New Firebird who conjuring night-time vibes and cinematic feels with their new album New Romancer

If you're interested in the mechanisms behind-the-scenes of a festival, we speak to various promoters about how exactly your favourite events are put on. We've also got pro tips for buying merch at events (spoiler alert - it helps to look ahead rather than waste time on the day deciding) and take a quick trip around the world with various festival acts. We also chat to Hans Zimmer about some iconic film scores (yes of course Lion King is there) and City & Colour about his new album in the loneliest era of human civilisation. 

Over in the Arts section, we speak to Okenyo about how she is sceptical of Shakespeare in a new production of Much Ado About Nothing, look at what's on offer at Melbourne International Arts Festival, from revisiting an all-star theatre collaboration to a 50-dancer epic, and examine Australia's post colonial horror as part of Brisbane International Film Festival.

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As usual we also share our pick of album reviews, the month's best binge watching, and all the tours you can't miss.

If you haven't picked up a copy already mags are out on the street in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane now so grab a copy while you can. If you'd prefer to stay online, check out each edition below.