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11 Little-known Facts About The Audreys' Debut Album 'Between Last Night & Us'

4 November 2017 | 9:54 am | Staff Writer

The venerated outfit take a look back at the 2006 classic as they kick off a commemorative tour.

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It's been 11 years since decorated blues-and-roots duo The Audreys released their acclaimed 2006 debut full-length, Between Last Night & Us, and are just about to embark on a 10-show commemorative tour in celebration , in Brisbane today.

Before they take a musical walk down memory lane, members Taasha Coates and Tristan Goodall have done a bit of reminiscing of an entirely different sort, compiling 11 little-known facts about the record to help make things that much more intimate between themselves and their fans when they kick off at The Milk Factory, in Brisbane, today, with dual performances scheduled for 3pm and 8pm.

The pair will head on to shows in Adelaide, Newcastle, Cronulla, Bulli, Newtown, Meeniyan and Melbourne from there so, if you're planning on joining them (or just inherently curious), have a read of the illuminating insights below.

11 Things You Probably Didn't Know About The Audreys' Between Last Night & Us

1. Lucky Pierre, who gets thanked in the liner notes, was actually the nickname we gave to whichever band member got stuck in the middle seat of the studio couch for the day.

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2. The drum feel on Oh Honey, our first single, is a nod to Led Zeppelin (but maybe you figured that out).

3. That’s not Tristan holding the bird’s nest on the album cover, it’s actually our fiddle player, Mikey. He was closer in height to Taasha.

4. Every single person we spoke to, and we mean everyone, told us we had absolutely ZERO chance of winning that [Best Blues & Roots Album] ARIA, and on the night we got seated at the back of the room, so by the time they called out our category we were only half listening and more than halfway drunk, and we hadn’t prepared a speech.

5. It took us forever to name the album, and we finally settled on that title the night before it went to print. It’s a line from the song Monster. If you listen carefully to that track you can hear the birds outside the studio. We’d left a window open.

6. The first 1000 copies of the album were printed as a deluxe, three-fold digipak, and we still have a few of them left that we’re bringing on this tour with us.

7. Although it was released in February of 2006, the album was actually recorded in May of 2005. On the first day of recording, Taasha arrived covered in itchy red spots and shaking all over from a severe allergic reaction to the bedding in the hotel room. It wasn’t the first dive we’d stayed in, nor the last. All the scratch vocals from that day featured a hilarious amount of vibrato.

8. Taasha’s sister Danika contributed some of the lyrics, including verses to You & Steve McQueen and Banjo & Violin.

9. The first time we heard Oh Honey played on triple j, we nearly crashed the tour van, a faded yellow 1974 Kombi.

10. Not long after the album was released, Tristan’s brother Cam left the band to pursue his acting. He spent many years with the Sydney Theatre Company, and recently did a long stint as the funny-arse bird in The Lion King.

11. Taasha and Tristan separated as a couple between recording and releasing the album, but still remain the closest of friends, have made three more albums, and tour together constantly. Oh, and they still bicker like an old married couple.

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