10-Year-Old Metal Singing Sensation Harper Screams Ed Sheeran On America's Got Talent

1 September 2022 | 11:21 am | Brenton Harris
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"I'm not just a shouter, I'm a singer too and I'm going to do what it takes to get to the finals."


10-Year-Old metal singing sensation Harper has shocked audiences in the USA again. 

The harsh vocal prodigy absolutely crushed a performance of the Ed Sheeran & Bring Me The Horizon collaborative single Bad Habits on the latest episode of America's Got Talent. 

Harper who hails from Somerset, UK went viral earlier this year for her performance of Holly Roller by Spiritbox. She has now done it again with her performance of Bad Habits leaving the live audience, judges and viewers at home similarly gobsmacked. 

In a video posted prior to the performance, Harper revealed her inspiration for selecting the song. 

"I'm not just a shouter, I'm a singer too and I'm going to do what it takes to get to the finals." 

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The judges were impressed with Howie Mandel telling Harper, "I'm sure you're going to rack up another 20 million and go viral. The only fear that I have is god forbid you're in real trouble, but nobody's going to come cause they just think you're singing. I think there's an audience for this, there really is."

Heidi Klum got it as well saying "I have to say death metal is not my favourite music, but it is fascinating to watch you. I have to say what is so disturbing to me is how effortless it comes out of her little body. That's crazy," added Sofia Vergara. "Even without the element of surprise from the audition, it was great. It was amazing."

Simon Cowell was also a fan adding "I loved that performance, I tell you what. I love things that people are going to talk about. It's frustrating, and by the way, your film package was brilliant, your personality was great and it was a great song choice. It's something we don't normally see or hear, so I'd rather see or hear someone like you than someone do something really boring. People are going to talk about you and I love you for that. You're gutsy."

They weren't the only ones impressed, with Bring Me The Horizon member Jordan Fish also tweeting his approval of the rendition. 

Harper released her debut original solo single Falling in July.  A crushing, metalcore rager released by Pale Chord records, Falling showcases Harper's metal-beyond-her-years vocal stylings. Falling occupies similar sonic territory to her new subsidiary label-mates Spiritbox. written by Ben Lumber (Acres) and Chris Wiseman (Currents/Shadow Of Intent), Falling comes accompanied by a video clip in which you can witness Harper at her menacing best. 

There's no word yet on whether Haper might make an on-stage appearance with Bring Me The Horizon, but given the favourable response her live appearance with Spritbox received it has to be a possibility.