Luka Muller Replacing Bryce Mills For Triple J Breakfast

17 June 2024 | 12:08 pm | Ellie Robinson

Mills will stay on the air, though, co-hosting triple j's Lunch show with Dave Woodhead.

Concetta Caristo & Luka Muller

Concetta Caristo & Luka Muller (Supplied)

triple j has announced some changes to its roster of weekday presenters, with Luka Muller and Bryce Mills taking on new roles.

Mills has been a staple of the triple j Breakfast show since November 2020, first co-hosting with Ebony Boadu (until December 2022), and most recently teaming up with Concetta Caristo. Caristo will remain onboard for the Breakfast slot – which airs every weekday from 6am to 9am – while Mills will take on a new role as the co-host of triple j Lunch alongside Dave Woodhead.

The new show will begin on Monday July 8, kicking off at 12pm and running until 3:30pm every weekday. In a press release, Mills said of his shift in roles: “triple j Breakfast was the dictionary definition of a dream job for me. I'd lie in my bed in high school, stare at the roof and imagine myself one day doing the things I've been privileged enough to do over the last three and a half years. I'm so thankful to our listeners who have shared their deepest, darkest and weirdest stories and secrets with us every morning.

“When triple j came to me with the opportunity to start something brand new with my mate Dave Woodhead, I did a lot of reflecting and figured that now was the perfect time. I've left no stone unturned on Breakfast, and now I get to help launch a brand new Lunch show that hasn’t existed before. The chance to have a normal circadian rhythm again is honestly just a bonus at this point!”

Meanwhile, Caristo will be joined by Luka Muller as her new co-host for Breakfast starting Monday July 1. The comedian (who also made fans on triple j as a Weekend Arvos host alongside Jordan Barr) said of his promotion: “I can't even begin to process how excited I am to join triple j Breakfast. I've been tuning into the station since I was ten years old. Listening to the Breakfast show on my way to high school shaped my taste in music and introduced me to the idea of becoming a comedian, which has shaped my entire life ever since. Oh God, even saying that out loud, I'm getting overwhelmed!

“I've been friends with Concetta for years, before either of us worked at triple j, so joining her is huge. I can't wait to do heaps of fun stuff together and hope to connect with triple j listeners in the same way I felt connected with the station as a teenager.”

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In other triple j news, the station announced back in April that its iconic One Night Stand concert series would make its grand comeback later this year, returning to the calendar for its first iteration in five years.

A couple months earlier, in February, Phoebe Bennett was named the ABC’s new content director for both triple j and Double J. She said at the time that she’s “pumped to be working with the best music brains in the business and an epic team of young creatives”.