EXCLUSIVE: Sydney DJ & Producer POOLCLVB Launches Record Label LOVE CLVB

8 June 2023 | 8:00 am | Mary Varvaris

As the leading voice behind the Sweat It Out imprint, Club Sweat, Dan Maynard has a wealth of knowledge surrounding the Australian electronic music scene.


Photo of POOLCLVB (Source: Supplied)


Dan Maynard, better known as the Sydney DJ and producer POOLCLVB, arrives with exciting news this morning: he’s launching a new record label called LOVE CLVB and already has an impressive artist premiering new music today.

Last January, POOLCLVB’s Love Tracks was named one of Purple SneakersBest Tracks Of The Week. A feel-good number, Love Tracks saw Maynard team up with long-time friend Nicholas Routledge (Nicky Night Time, NAATIONS, Van She) whose vocals also appear on the song.

POOLCLVB creates euphoric, uplifting and shimmering house music to remind us better days are never far away, and that’s what’s expected of LOVE CLVB.

LOVE CLVB is dubbed as a space of exploratory freedom – a record label that encourages contemporary soundscapes in our current alternative-electronic music scene.

As the leading voice behind the Sweat It Out imprint, Club Sweat, Maynard has a wealth of knowledge surrounding the Australian electronic music scene and is more than capable to handle the behind the scenes work coming his way.

Drawing from over a decade of experience as an A&R representative, LOVE CLVB signifies the next logical step for Maynard to follow in his career.

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“I’m elated to announce the launch of LOVE CLVB and shine a spotlight on some of Australia's most exciting rising talent, all of which have been heavily involved in shaping the sonic footprint and identity of the label,” Maynard said in a press release, also revealing that he’s teaming up with Sweat It Out for record distribution.

“It truly feels like a family already, building something together to represent the music we’re so passionate about.”

Proving that he’s here to foster and nurture local talent, LOVE CLVB welcomes fellow Sydney artist Harry Hayes with Thinkin’ Of U. The track is the label’s first-ever release, but with its roots in UK garage music and the influence of ambient electronic music, it’s a hell of a way to launch a record label.

Hayes said about the release, “Dance music is an inherently 'human' genre and we tend to experience an array of emotions when listening to all kinds of dance music. I want to attempt to capture all kinds of emotions via the medium of dance & electronic music.

Thinkin Of U explores the more upbeat and bubbly side of dance and features a catchy vocal hook with a sentiment that I believe most people can relate to.”

As well as Hayes, LOVE CLVB has signed the buzzy Lupo.THEBOY, Pat Carroll, Onslow and Keenan Mathias, to name a few. There is far more music to come.

Check out Thinkin’ Of U below and keep up with LOVE CLVB via its website.