BIGSOUND Artists Pick Their Must-See BIGSOUND Artists

1 September 2023 | 2:21 pm | Staff Writer

Ahead of BIGSOUND on 5-8 September, The Music caught up with numerous acts to hear about their must-see artists appearing at the music and conference event.


BGSOUND 2024 (Source: Supplied)


Beckah Amani, Miss Kaninna, Sachém, SWIDT. When I think of the words revolutionary music-makers, these are the people that come to mind. Seeing them live will be the highlight of my year.

REBEL YELL        

Gut Health - they're kicking up a storm here in Naarm, and I always miss them; keen to see them and how far they have come in such a short space of time since the last show I caught.

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Full Flower Moon Band 

Full Flower Moon Band, I think we have a very good show.

Thunder Fox      

We're most excited to see Battlesnake; they're some of our best friends and occasional collaborators and are by far one of the most exciting, talented and hilarious live acts around. We've seen them a few times, of course, but it gets bigger and better every show.


Baby Prince and Isaac Puerile met both the guys through the Acclaim All-Stars and are excited to see how they've grown from that.

Porpoise Spit     

It's hard to go past Dr Sure's Unusual Practice and Bec Stevens, but really keen to check out Chitra and listen to DEM MOB, who sound epic. Also, I am just so keen to get into 4ZZZ and check out the local community radio scenes.


Full Flower Moon Band, The Slingers, Platonic Sex. Great bands with all world-class sound and goodness for the sensory experience.

Ruby Jackson     

I can't wait to see Aleksiah perform. I recently discovered her track 'Ant Song' and instantly became a fan!! Her songwriting is gorgeous, and I think her live set will be very special. Nikodimos is also someone I'm keen to write within the near future, so I'm stoked that I get to see him perform live.




Cult Shotta, Full Flower Moon Band, Southeast Desert Metal, Lola Scott, Thunder Fox


Ben Swissa, haha. I'm just very excited to perform at BigSound, and all my energy is focused on creating a great show. I also have some friends like Bella Amor, Lola Scott, and Ula Logan performing, and I would love to watch them do their thing onstage.

BAYANG (tha Bushranger)             

Cult Shotta, Too Birds & Trophie - some of the more thought-provoking and interesting acts in the country, IMO.

Mazbou Q          

Among many, I'm excited to see Pricie, Baby Prince, Beckah Amani, Chiseko, ECB, King Ivy, Pookie, SAHXL, YAWDOESITALL and Zia Jade. Having grown up as an African in Aotearoa, New Zealand, in a time where the African population in Australasia was tiny, representation has always been a huge deal for me. I'm excited to be able to support and celebrate what I believe represents our community's advancement and flourishing in within the music industry.

Baby Prince        

AYRA STARR, Tems. Some of my favourite Afro artists/artists.

The Omnific       


Rum Jungle        

Lola Scott, Raave Tapes, Teddie, The Grogans, DICE.

WHO SHOT SCOTT          

All of the New Zealand artists such as Jujulipps, Foley, and SWIDT - I know firsthand how hard it is for Kiwis to get access to incredible opportunities overseas, which is why I'll never hesitate to show love to any of my contemporaries in the NZ music scene.

Little Green        

Battlesnake!! Their live show is wild.

Beckah Amani   

Logan, Bella Amor, Ben Swissa, Dean Brady, Felivand and Baby Prince. I think they are all just such exciting new faces in the scene and bring something fresh and bold to the AU music scene.

Zia Jade

There are a lot of artists I'm excited to see, like Baby Prince, Pookie and Beckah Amani. I feel like these artists have the type of sound you don't hear out of Australia often, so it's exciting to see this change.