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Weapons Of Choice: TheCamiloS

12 February 2016 | 11:50 am | Artist Submission

"An old classic that — even after nine years — is still current and never fails on the dancefloor."

Answered by: Camilo Salgado

Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Freiflug (Original Mix), Musik Gewinnt Freunde (2006)

This track got feeling, it's one of their first releases — love it and still playing it. 

LUM (mx), Urpillay (Bedouin Remix), Rebellion (2015)

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One of the newest releases from Rebellion. It's very, very melodic, great for a-day-outdoors setting.

Oxia, Domino (Original Mix), Kompakt (2006)

An old classic that — even after nine years — is still current and never fails on the dancefloor.

When and where for your next gig? Sunday 21 Feb at Piknic Electronik, Federation Square.