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VIDEO PREMIERE: LIV LI - 'Bloom (James Yammouni Remix)'

4 March 2019 | 3:02 pm | Staff Writer

"No matter what we’ve been through, how far we come or how far we’ve fallen we can Bloom."


Former Angels are Architects member LIV LI has dropped the video for her new video, Bloom, premiering exclusively with today.

"Bloom came from a place of re-discovery. A re-discovery of a feeling, something I hadn’t felt for a long time. This revelation that 'I can be anything I want'. This song is really what gave birth to LIV LI," she shares.

"In our youth we hear that all the time 'what do you want to be when you grow up?' With the world at our feet, our story is unwritten, we can be anything we want and in our childlike faith, we believe it. But where does that feeling go? And why do we lose it? Bloom is my answer to that question. No matter what we’ve been through, how far we come or how far we’ve fallen we can Bloom.

"When Thomaz Labanca, an exciting new director and cinematographer heard the track, he was on board immediately. He loved Bloom and the story behind the song and wanted to echo that concept in the video. Aly Firbank, who lends her gorgeous lines as this luminous being, was so very gracious in allowing us to completely cover her in glitter and glow paint. 

"Under Thomaz’s direction Aly was let loose. Free to dance as the music moved her and as she does, we see her morphing and evolving into this transcendent being. She is in Bloom."

Check out the clip below and head here to find out more about LIV LI.

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