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VIDEO PREMIERE: Hope D - 'Second'

25 March 2020 | 9:54 am | Mark Neilsen

"No amount of Berocca can fix that shit."

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Hope D's official video for her track Second isn't officially out until tomorrow but we here at are chuffed to premiere it for you today!

Now with a full band behind her, the Brisbane songwriter shows a different side of her musical style, with a range of different sounds and themes. Second is an edgy and pulsing track filled with driving guitars, whirling synth, angsty vocals and charm-filled lyricism. 

The video was shot in Hope D's home town and directed and produced by Red Bandana Productions.

“The song is meant to be a big ode to having a loose night and, at the time of being rowdy and pretty blurry, not caring about the consequences," Hope D tells The Music.

"But when waking up the next morning, the combination of the staggered flashbacks and the hypnotic hangover (which you have to do a full shift with) constantly reminds you of the things you wouldn't want to remember. It's that feeling of guilt and regret, and it literally feels like you can't escape from it all, like you're in prison.

"No amount of Berocca can fix that shit. I thought of the whole concept when I was ready to break out of the forgetful cycle and 'escape from jail', therefore having no more reasons to feel shitty the next day.

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"I like to think that I haven't had to wear that metaphorical black and white jumpsuit since writing the song.”