The Holidays Tour Diary: Part One

18 June 2014 | 3:34 pm | The Holidays

Eatin' sandwiches and makin' Kanye faces with The Holidays!

Coming up are a few snapshots of what touring with The Holidays is all about. Enjoy!

It is a common misconception that Australian bands like us get to enjoy luxurious modes of transport with room for passengers/other band mates. For us this isn't the case. The general idea is to put your childhood Tetris skills to good use and see how much band gear can fit into a station wagon, and then get everyone else to catch the bus.

When arriving at a venue, the first thing we try and do is sense the vibe of the stage and room. Here you see bass player Alex taking the opportunity to get a taste of the good life - being a lead singer.

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After soundcheck, it's time to freshen up and grab a light meal. In this case, Andrew takes advantage of a delightful sandwich platter provided by the venue. This always comes as a bonus as mostly there's no time to run around and find a nice local meal before the show.

After watching the opening act and checking out the crowd we usually come backstage, have a beer and find things to do that can distract us from our pre-show jitters. In this case it was as simple as turning our sound engineer Chad Hungus into Kanye with a free app found in the app-store. Job done.

Unfortunately we couldn't take any fun snaps whilst we were performing, but Andrew managed to get a snap with a fan/stage-invader just as we were walking off stage. Sorry about the blurriness of this one, a fun snap nonetheless!

That's it for part one of The Holidays tour diary. Stay tuned for more!